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About Our Site

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 29 Nov 2010 | comments*Discuss
About Our Site

ADDandADHD was formed to offer a unique reference point on comprehensive advice on adhd.

ADD and ADHD affect both children and adults in the UK and around the world. Whether you suffer from one of the conditions or know someone who struggles with it each day, finding a single resource that can answer your questions isn't easy.

People with ADD or ADHD experience challenges at school or home as well as in the workplace. Educating everyone about the effects and coping issues involved can make the world a friendlier place for sufferers. We hope that even if you don't have either of the conditions, you can learn from our website to help those who do.

Our team of experts has created this website to help you make sense of ADD and ADHD. If you want to learn how it is diagnosed and what medications are available, then this website will help. Common issues such as coping strategies and anger management are all addressed to help you get a handle on your health.

Finding alternative ways to manage ADD and ADHD is important for many people. That's why we have also included non-drug therapies that are thought to help with managing symptoms on a day-to-day basis. We welcome your own personal stories and questions and hope that this website gives you the power to better understand ADD and ADHD.

Our concern was that there was no single UK resource for interesting features and practical advice on this subject.

Our features and articles are written by experts - who have experience, or a particular interest in this area.

Our Background

ADDandADHD was founded by John Rowlinson, the founder of PtS.

John, through PtS, is involved in a number of ventures including software and property companies. A percentage of revenue from these activities goes towards funding ADDandADHD and a number of similar sites.

Our focus is simply on having experts create the highest quality information possible that is widely read.

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