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Many children and adults in the UK are affected by ADD or ADHD. Whether you suffer from one of the conditions or know someone who struggles with it each day, finding a single resource that can answer your questions isn't easy. Our team of experts has created this website to help you make sense of ADD and ADHD.
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ADHD in Adults: ADHD and Diagnosing Adults, ADHD in Adults, ADHD Management Options...
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Alternative Therapies: Benefits of Meditation for ADHD, Dietary...
Children & Teenagers
Children & Teenagers: Activities for Children with ADHD, Impact on...
Diagnosis & Symptoms
Diagnosis & Symptoms: How Sleep Influences ADHD, Can Pesticides Increase ADHD Risk?, Tests...
Living With ADHD
Living With ADHD: How to Ask Your GP for Help with ADHD, Living with ADHD, Think You...
Medical Treatments
Medical Treatments: Using Neurofeedback to Treat ADHD, ADHD and Methylphenidate or...
Latest Comments
  • Fast Eddie
    Re: ADHD in Adults
    Stumbled upon this. Not really computer literate. You are describing me. What I hate most is my wife continually shouting at me that I "just don't…
    16 November 2016
  • ADDandADHD
    Re: ADHD and Dyslexia
    Jackie - Your Question:My son has is 8 years old now and can hardly read. He does not read. It seems as if he is struggling to get the alphabet…
    2 November 2016
  • Jackie
    Re: ADHD and Dyslexia
    My son has is 8 years old now and can hardly read. He does not read. It seems as if he is struggling to get the alphabet in "his head". His…
    2 November 2016
  • Sue
    Re: ADHD in Adults
    My son has had problems since he was born but never diagnosed he has been in lots of trouble with the authorities and broken relationships. He self…
    17 September 2016
  • gie
    Re: The Difference Between Bad Behaviour and ADHD
    i have 13yr old son, he has been diagnosed adhd since age 7yr. old until now we keep on visiting his doctor.…
    11 August 2016
  • dragonborn
    Re: Why Do Some Teenagers With ADHD Self Harm?
    this is my story i have ADHD and people dont realise what it is and think i take things too far and i dont…
    4 March 2016
  • Baileylillis
    Re: ADHD and the Da Vinci Method
    I read this topic, and I liked it very much, but I was woundering why would you want to get rid of the ADHD. It inihanses peoples…
    14 December 2015
  • sarah
    Re: ADHD Management Options for Adults
    Hello I'm Sarah. I am 42 years old.I believe there is a string possibility that I may have ADD. I think I have always had…
    11 November 2015
  • Stookman UK
    Re: Misdiagnosis Controversy of ADHD
    What is clear from your article is that the booming therapeutic and pharmacological industries are way ahead of psychological…
    16 March 2015
  • ADDandADHD
    Re: Computers to Relieve ADHD Symptoms
    @FG. We'll certainly consider that at some point. Thanks for the suggestion.
    12 February 2015
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