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Many children and adults in the UK are affected by ADD or ADHD. Whether you suffer from one of the conditions or know someone who struggles with it each day, finding a single resource that can answer your questions isn't easy. Our team of experts has created this website to help you make sense of ADD and ADHD.
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ADHD in Adults
ADHD in Adults: ADHD and Diagnosing Adults, ADHD in Adults, ADHD Management Options...
Alternative Therapies
Alternative Therapies: Benefits of Meditation for ADHD, Dietary...
Children & Teenagers
Children & Teenagers: Activities for Children with ADHD, Impact on...
Diagnosis & Symptoms
Diagnosis & Symptoms: How Sleep Influences ADHD, Can Pesticides Increase ADHD Risk?, Tests...
Living With ADHD
Living With ADHD: How to Ask Your GP for Help with ADHD, Living with ADHD, Think You...
Medical Treatments
Medical Treatments: Using Neurofeedback to Treat ADHD, ADHD and Methylphenidate or...
Latest Comments
  • ADDandADHD
    Re: The Difference Between Bad Behaviour and ADHD
    @LONE STRANGER. Yes children today are much more fortunate in that these syndromes have been more widely…
    21 July 2014
  • Nellie
    Re: Computers to Relieve ADHD Symptoms
    Can I have some more info on this please. Thanks
    2 July 2014
  • James
    Re: ADHD Management Options for Adults
    My name is Darren, and I think that I have the condition ADHD. I would like to receive FREE professional advice,…
    27 June 2014
  • Frank
    Re: ADHD Behaviour Control in Teenagers
    When ever i am messing about with my little sisters and they get hurt my step dad always says it is my fault and that…
    1 December 2013
  • iagteyh
    Re: Cigarette Smoke and ADHD
    presumably the (probable.. I imagine) higher rates of intensive smoking among ADHD adults around their likely ADHD children (strong…
    4 November 2013
  • bruce
    Re: How to Help a Child with ADHD
    My grandson is 18, for years as shown signs of adhd, he has mood swings, destroys property, in his own flat he directs all his…
    29 July 2013
  • marc
    Re: Is ADHD Hereditary?
    I've been with my partner and her son For the past 10 years . My partners son was diagnosed with ADHD in 1997.He now coming up to his 20th…
    31 May 2013
  • Lesley
    Re: ADHD in Adults
    I am also 50 years old and have also just been diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive type). In response to the lady above, I have been suffering a range…
    2 May 2013
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